EMeter is a tool for monitoring Erlang system. It can be used as an stand-alone server or can be used as a dependency in other application. It’s still under development.
- By default it has no dependency to run or compile.
- Dynamic configuration for everything. Just edit any config section and reload it.
- It’s pluginable and really flexible to write any kind of plugins.


director is an Erlang process supervisor and manager. Comparing to OTP’s supervisor, It’s very flexible and can be used for all situations.


posthaste is a hooking library for Erlang. I used dynamic compilition a module to add/remove a hook, So it’s blazingly fast.


pipeline is a compile parse-transformation library for Erlang. I like meta-programming and wrote this just for fun.


To have clean commit messages and auto-generated changelog for entire project, I wrote pcommit.

Other projects

To see all of my OSS see my Github repositories.